Hello there, lively soul!

My name is Allison or “Allie Belle” to my wonderful husband.

Welcome to my Warm and Cozy space for education on essential oils and to grow as a human!

I am so glad that you found your way here.

After a five-year long journey with my husband, John, to become parents; our little boy Atticus has arrived! I am a Silver leader and educator in dōTERRA, an unrelenting optimist, and I love maximizing dreams, opportunities, and the glorious individuals that surround me. I have a true passion for educating others on how simple it is to use essential oils. Grab some coffee or tea and enjoy!

Many people start to explore natural options because they are ready for a change. For me, this was most definitely the case. At the time, I thought that I would be starting a family soon. I wanted to be sure that I was in control when it came to my family’s cleaning products and health care. Around that same time, I was having some minor health concerns. Even doctors visits and Western Medicine just weren’t able to get answers; too many unknowns. This is when I had reached my breaking point and was ready for a better way.

Experiencing the power of essential oils for myself was just the beginning of my journey

Everything changed the night that I was needing a little extra monthly woman’s support. Before I knew about oils, I was doing what I had learned over the years: heating pad, sleep it off, ‘it will be fine soon, get over it’ mentality. These clearly, however, only worked temporarily. So, when the heating pad would start to go from hot to warm, the original feelings would come right back. It was draining.

The month that I had purchased my essential oil kit, I made sure that there was something in there that would be able to aid my body for this specific need. This next time, I turned to my oils first.

I rolled the woman’s monthly blend “ClaryCalm,” over my lower abdomen two to three times per day and then once per day the rest of the month. Within two days I was feeling a difference, and when it came to the next month and I wasn’t feeling discomfort for the first time in almost 10 years. I couldn’t help but think, “everyone needs to know about these oils” and it was at that time that my mission and purpose had emerged.

For more information on Essential Oils, How to use them, and How to get started, while everything here is under construction, please go Here!